WhatsApp Sniffer Hack 2018 (Free Download Tool)

WhatsApp is a free application available for smartphone users all over the world. This application allows its users to send free and unlimited texts to fellow users all over the world. Not only can one send messages but also send audio and video files. Recently, WhatsApp introduced free calls making it one of the most popular social platforms in the world. With such a huge audience, people have been trying to get a way of hacking the information passed across this social network. Finally, a team of online hackers have come up with tool that can help people to spy on all the messages passed through Whats-App.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer?

This is the new kind of gold code spoiler that allows you to spy messages that are passed through the application. Of course, you get to spy on your target without their consent making it more interesting. This hack tool has a number of features that would make one long to have it. To be discussed be discussed here below are some of the features, benefits and the steps for installing it on your mobile device.

Top Features of WhatsApp Sniffer and Hack Bot

There are many interesting features which are worth discussing. Here below are some of the most valuable features which highlight the benefits of this free code generator.

  • Spy your Friend

This app hack allows you to spy your friends without their knowledge. It is particularly useful to spouses who doubt their partners. With this tool, you can confirm all your doubts and fears of your partner without raising any alarm.

  • Change Victim’s Profile and Status

It also gives you access to your victim’s profile and status. You can easily change their profile pictures and their status using this point rewards bot. This is a benefit though using it can make your victim be aware that their account has been hacked.

  • Chat with Victim’s Contacts and Groups

You can also manage all the chats of your victim. This means that you can initiate chats with your victim’s friends in WhatsApp without their knowledge. This can help spouses to confirm whether their partners are cheating on them.

The above mentioned are some of the features that directly influence the experience of a user in this social network. Otherwise, there are other features that boost the effectiveness of the hack tool as well as ensuring that it is safe from external interference. Here are some of these features:

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Safe and Undetectable
  • Frequent Updates
  • Works on both the Android and iOS devices.

How to Download the Hack tool?

From above, it is clear that this hack tool is worth having in your mobile or other device supporting WhatsApp application. For this reason, the download steps will be highlighted here below:

  • Like as IMEI Modify Software, you first need to these tool also need you to  Download the WhatsApp Sniffer Hack in your computer, It is available for both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Run the executable file
  • Open the hack icon on the PC
  • Enter all the details required. Some of the details include phone number of your victim
  • Start spying on your victim.

PS: Make sure that you have internet connection On or your computer is connected to high speed Wifi network.

As easy as that, you can start spying on anybody using this popular social network. It is important to mention that this hack and cheat codes program is readily available for free. Therefore, there is no reason to pay for spying apps while you can easily get a snooping app for free.