Uptobox Premium Account Generator 2018 (Link Adder)

One of the newest and trendiest file hosting sites is Uptobox. This is a new file hosting site that has been very popular due to its improved features and security. Previously, people had been relying on mediafire as the best file hosting site but that is no longer the case since Uptobox is taking over. Some of the top features for this file hosting site will be mentioned here below.

Uptobox Features and Advantages over others

  • User friendly interface: One of the most selling features is its unique logo and special design. The design provides for a smart and easy to use interface. You do not need to have advanced computer skills to host and share your files.
  • Secure: Another feature that puts Uptobox as a top file hosting site is its security feature. This is a secure site where files don’t get deleted. Other sites are notorious for deleting files when stored. Therefore, you can trust that your files will be safe if you store them in this site.
  • Fast Download: Users easily download hack at super fast speeds available. The speeds are just so amazing that a user will never be dissatisfied in any way due to speed of the download.
  • Free: You can actually get a free account access and enjoy unique file storing and sharing. However, there is a premium account that has better features than a free one.

Benefits of Uptobox Pro Account over Free Account

If you choose to buy a premium account, you will enjoy quite a number of benefits as highlighted below here.

  • No ads: No any boring and annoying advertisements. You therefore enjoy undisrupted file sharing experience with a paid one. A free account has numerous ads on it that may disrupt your experience.
  • Unlimited Download Speeds: You will enjoy unlimited download speeds. This improves the user’s experience in downloading and sharing files. A free account has relatively slower speeds than that of a premium account.
  • Instant Download: You get instant downloads with no waiting time. The moment you click on download link, the download start immediately. A basis account has some waiting time after clicking on the download link.
  • Resume Download: You can resume a paused download when operating a premium account. This is contrary to the free account which does not have a resume option.
  • Large Files Download: It allows it users to download large files while still maintaining its high speeds. A free account does not have an option for downloading large files.

It is very clear that a Pro subscription is quite beneficial than a free one. Instead of buying a premium features using real money, you have the option of using online generators or hack tools to get one.

How to Hack Uptobox Premium Account for Free?

The easiest way to getting a free Pro account is to use the cheat codes generator. These tools are freely available online. The following steps should be followed:

  • Search for an Online Tool Generator
  • Click on the Generate Link that Redirects you to a free premium account promotion
  • Skip the ads
  • Use the given username and passwords to access Pro features.

As easy as that, you can get a free premium account using hack tool. Alternatively, there are forums that have free usernames and passwords without having to click on a redirected link. You can try these sites though the online item generator programs are more reliable.

Features of Uptobox Premium account Generator

  • 100% working: The generated account will work as a fully fledged premium account with all its benefits.
  • Free: It is absolutely free to have an account through the use of this hack adder.
  • Safe, Undetectable and Legit: You can comfortably use this account without the fear of being noticed by website developers.

These are some of the features that you will enjoy for using an Uptobox Premium Account generator.