Torrentleech Invitation Codes 2018 Generator for FREE

For most Torrent users, TorrentLeech or also known as TL is also referred to as the king of the private torrent sites. Currently, its version 3 offers a massive upgrade and been designed from scratch by the dedicated developer team of TorrentLeech, which takes pride from having more than 50000 strong torrent index, active user base, and unbeatable download speeds for over seven years.

Today, it is a private community that has registrations typically closed to the new members. Getting invited is a bit easy. The only thing you should do is to log in to your account on the official website of TorrentLeech. Unfortunately, getting banned is not the same story. For you to make the most of your account, you must adhere to the ratio rules. It is also highly recommended by reading TL FAQ and rules before you go on the downloading spree.

How to Generate Invitation Codes?

These are also referred to as tokens that are used for new user registration. One of the kinds of invitation codes is a link, which directs the new users to the page where they could start creating account and the other is comprised of alphanumeric characters that users may utilize when creating a new account.

Features of TorrentLeech

It provides a revamped search engine that delivers much accurate search results. It also comes with some enhancements including file-name searching, results filtering, user torrent tags that can be customized, and so on.

Torrent-Leech also has an enhanced browsing on torrent by category or tag options. It also supports filtering by categories, size, uploaded date, and tags. There are also enhancements to the messaging system and features a revamped torrent bookmarking tool

The new invitation system as well as invite signup process of TorrentLeech is also exceptional. The Referral code may be tracked and sent through the “Invitations Tab” in user profiles. For those who have concerns about speed, it was improved and the site’s functions, browsing, navigation, and searches are now much faster.

Ways to Get Free Invitation Codes at TorrentLeech

  1. Visit or check out the official website
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. If you still don’t have an account yet, you can sign up first.
  4. Once you have successfully signed up, follow the step 2 and login to get free invitation.

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