Tanki Online Cheats 2018 (Invite Codes Hack)

Welcome to Tanki Online! Tanki Online is a flash based online multiplayer action shooter game where you control tanks in a 3D environment against over 5 million players across the globe. This game offers an exciting battle against various players in form of a tank versus tank combat warfare, all presented in a fully animated 3D environment that is smooth, yet lightweight to play. You don’t need to download a separate client for this game. Just go to www.tankionline.com and register by using your Facebook account to start playing the game.

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Simply open the page and download zip file and then open that file on your computer. No need to install that. In order to reduce load on server and to avoid spammer, you might ask to verify yourself. You just have to follow 3o to 60 secs captcha offer to unlock the file.

Tanki Online offers non-stop action game excitement where you can battle against other players in 4 different modes, which is Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Control Points. Deathmatch is the usual free to kill all mode where the only man you can trust is yourself. While in Team Deathmatch, you will be assigned in one of two separate teams that will compete against each other to destroy their opposition’s tanks. Capture the flag highlighting a match where two teams are competing to steal the flag of their enemy from their base. And the last mode, Control Points, will present you a team battle to take control of certain nodes on the map that will grant points to your respective team.

How to Generate Tanki Invite Codes for FREE?

You can also tweak several settings on PRO battle options to enhance the experience of your gaming moment. PRO battle option has several features such as turning on or disabling “friendly fire” settings and granting an “auto-balance” option that will automatically register newly joined players to the lesser team.

On Tanki Online, you will need Crystal to upgrade your tank capability that allows you to gain higher advantages on the game. There are four ways where you can get crystals legally; by buying it, by ranking up, by joining a contest event, or by referring your friends to play Tanki Online using referral links. But if you have no patience to waiting for crystal, you can always hack it by using the link below:


The above link is a direct link of Tanki Online Crystal Generator Cheats that will allows you to gain crystals without needing to grind or beg the developers for it. All that you need to do is providing your ID account of Tanki Online along with your password to start generating crystals into your account. Do note to use this cheat in moderation, since an obvious cheating attempt will result in a permanent ban into your account.

Sometimes, Tanki Online are also giving up invite codes to play their test servers in http://test.tankionline.com/ , where you can try up new features of Tanki Online and capable to generate your own crystal values by typing “/addcry 500000” that will automatically increase your crystals value into 500.000 crystals and “/addscore 1400000” that instantly levels you up into the highest rank, Generalissimo. You can try the bonus membership codes to the test server here: “1598.3357.4432.6738”. Just wait till the server is up and start playing Tanki Online with all the benefits of the cheat codes.

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