Photo Grid Download for Windows 7/8 and Mac PC

Creating a collage of pictures and posting it publicly for everyone to watch has become a trend in the present day world. Every moment, at every place some or the other person is planning to create such a composition and putting a lot of effort to create it using the regular conventional editors. Therefore, to help people create such photomontages, a great application called “Photo Grid” is gaining a lot of popularity among the youngsters of this generation.

What is PhotoGrid and It’s Features:

Photo Grid is an amazing user friendly application and is being widely used in creating photo collages. This application is absolutely free of cost and provides a variety of grid layouts, gorgeous filters, different templates and stickers. It holds first position in the photography section in 11 nations and in 46 countries it has maintained a position in top 5 in the photography section. With over 100 million users, Photo Grid continues to be the most popular collage maker.

This application, being so popular, has a glut of fantastic features contributing to its popularity. For creating an attractive collage, options like Single HD,Grid HD, Template HD, Filmstrip, Video Slides and Free HD are provided in the application to try out various formats for creating a collage and also the application serves to be a simple and beautiful interface, attracting more and more users. The images in the collage can also be decorated with cool and funny templates and the images can be arranged in number of interesting ways. The overall frame of the collage comes in a number of shapes like long rectangle, freestyle, rectangle, square, etc. and various designs of borders can also be found in this application. Giving out such diverse features, the increase in the number of users doesn’t remain any kind of a surprise.

How to Download Photo Grid for Windows 7 or 8 PC?

As user friendly and easy it is to create collages using Photo Grid, its download and installation doesn’t come to be any tedious process either. For Windows 7/8,upon giving a search on Google about how to download Photo Grid, from the various search results, select the one from and download Bluestacks player from the link provided. Once Bluestacks player is downloaded, search for Photo Grid application and click on install option and as installation will be completed, the application will be ready to use.

Download and install Photo Grid for MAC PC

For Mac PC users, a link from, which is obtained in the Google search can be used. Clicking on this link provides a download option, which upon downloading can be installed in the similar way as stated above for Windows users.

The Photo Grid application is a great way to exhibit photo collages among friends and family. One fabulous feature the application provides is the option to share the created collage on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Tumblr, etc. And using this application on PC, not only provides greater resolution of pictures but also gives out a holistic view of the collage, if required to be made into a large sized portrait. It becomes easier to evaluate as to which frame or which grid layout would suit the best in a large sized portrait.

Also, for the usage of photogrid on a PC, it is important to be aware of its safety. The website names provided above just serve as the examples of websites to be used for downloading. The download of Photo Grid application should be done only from trusted websites and the application should be checked for malwares. Upon downloading, the application should be scanned and used only if it is threat free. Once it is made sure that the app is completely safe, it can be installed and used for making innumerable attractive photo collages.

In case of any query in downloading Photo Grid for PC having Windows 8, 7 or Mac OS then you can contact us by commenting here.