Uptobox Premium Account Generator 2018 (Link Adder)

One of the newest and trendiest file hosting sites is Uptobox. This is a new file hosting site that has been very popular due to its improved features and security. Previously, people had been relying on mediafire as the best file hosting site but that is no longer the case since Uptobox is taking over. Some of the top features for this file hosting site will be mentioned here below.

Uptobox Features and Advantages over others

  • User friendly interface: One of the most selling features is its unique logo and special design. The design provides for a smart and easy to use interface. You do not need to have advanced computer skills to host and share your files.
  • Secure: Another feature that puts Uptobox as a top file hosting site is its security feature. This is a secure site where files don’t get deleted. Other sites are notorious for deleting files when stored. Therefore, you can trust that your files will be safe if you store them in this site.
  • Fast Download: Users easily download hack at super fast speeds available. The speeds are just so amazing that a user will never be dissatisfied in any way due to speed of the download.
  • Free: You can actually get a free account access and enjoy unique file storing and sharing. However, there is a premium account that has better features than a free one.

Benefits of Uptobox Pro Account over Free Account

If you choose to buy a premium account, you will enjoy quite a number of benefits as highlighted below here.

  • No ads: No any boring and annoying advertisements. You therefore enjoy undisrupted file sharing experience with a paid one. A free account has numerous ads on it that may disrupt your experience.
  • Unlimited Download Speeds: You will enjoy unlimited download speeds. This improves the user’s experience in downloading and sharing files. A free account has relatively slower speeds than that of a premium account.
  • Instant Download: You get instant downloads with no waiting time. The moment you click on download link, the download start immediately. A basis account has some waiting time after clicking on the download link.
  • Resume Download: You can resume a paused download when operating a premium account. This is contrary to the free account which does not have a resume option.
  • Large Files Download: It allows it users to download large files while still maintaining its high speeds. A free account does not have an option for downloading large files.

It is very clear that a Pro subscription is quite beneficial than a free one. Instead of buying a premium features using real money, you have the option of using online generators or hack tools to get one.

How to Hack Uptobox Premium Account for Free?

The easiest way to getting a free Pro account is to use the cheat codes generator. These tools are freely available online. The following steps should be followed:

  • Search for an Online Tool Generator
  • Click on the Generate Link that Redirects you to a free premium account promotion
  • Skip the ads
  • Use the given username and passwords to access Pro features.

As easy as that, you can get a free premium account using hack tool. Alternatively, there are forums that have free usernames and passwords without having to click on a redirected link. You can try these sites though the online item generator programs are more reliable.

Features of Uptobox Premium account Generator

  • 100% working: The generated account will work as a fully fledged premium account with all its benefits.
  • Free: It is absolutely free to have an account through the use of this hack adder.
  • Safe, Undetectable and Legit: You can comfortably use this account without the fear of being noticed by website developers.

These are some of the features that you will enjoy for using an Uptobox Premium Account generator.

VigRX Plus Discount Coupon Codes 2018 (Review)

VigRX Plus is the leading male virility supplement that gives men ability in the bedroom. Vigrxplus is must if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. A man using these supplements is required to take two pills per day in order to fully enhance his sexual capabilities. The product is loved by many due to the fact that it truly works magic to increase men’s sexual performance. While there are many other male enhancement supplements, most men resort to using this one for it has more benefits than other products in the market.
vigrxplus coupons and discount

My review on why should you buy VigRXPlus?

Here below are some of the benefits of using this product that makes it to outshine other products of similar functioning.

  • Recommended by Doctors

This is a product that has been recommended by many sexual experts. Among the many doctors who have recommended this product is the famous Dr. Steven Lamm.

  • Increases Penis Size

This product is been ascertained as a good one in increasing penis size of a man. For maximum sexual satisfaction, a man should have a bigger penis.

  • Increases Libido

Those using this product know of the dramatic increase in libido. The urge for sex is immensely increased with this product.

  • Long Lasting Rock-Hard Erections

Unlike other products, VigRX provides for long lasting erections. The erections not only last for long but also come in hard.

  • Safe to Use

There are no side effects of using this product. It has been ascertained as safe to use and therefore users have nothing to worry for. It is important to note that there are some products in the market that are not safe to use and hence the importance of buying VigRX which is safe to use and has no side effects.

  • Guaranteed to Work

The manufacturer of this product has guaranteed men that this product will work to increase their sexual performance. There is a 100% money-back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the product. You will most probably fail to use this money-back guarantee for the product will work to impress you.

  • Affordable

There is no reason to worry about the price of this product for it is quite affordable. The company is selling this product at affordable rates just to help men to come out of their poor bed performance.

vigrx plus review and promo code

In addition to the fair prices, there are several VigRX Promotion codes that can be used by men to get better discounts.

Top Working VigRX Plus Coupons and Codes

  • VPLUS10: One of the working offers is the 10% off on VigRX order
  • 127341: No need to pay for delivery charges as you can get that for completely free. Use the code given here for FREE Shipping.
  • 47% Off and Free Shipping: If you subscribe to the Diamond Package, you will save 47% and free shipping. There is no discount coupon for this promotion. To get this discount, you will need to subscribe to annual plan.
  • $77 Off + 4 Bonus Gifts: This is a promotion offer that could see you save $77 and get 4 bonus gifts when you subscribe to a six-month platinum package.
  • Save $10: You can also save $10 when you subscribe for 2 months supply. No code is required to redeem this offer.

How to use VigRX plus Coupon Codes to purchase that for cheap?

At the end of making an order- when checking out-, you will see a box to enter promo code. You should paste the code inside the box to activate coupon. A single order can only allow for one coupon only. Sometime you are not allowed to use code on sale item.

Vigrx Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping charges shall apply to all orders made but fortunately you can sometime use coupon to save money on shipping fee. You should make sure to place minimum required order to get that at Free delivery. There is 67 days in which the products can be returned if a customer is unsatisfied. No returns shall be accepted after the expiry of 67 days.

If you want more such Vigrx plus discount coupons or promotional offers then you can contact us by commenting here. I will try to give you latest working deals.

World of Warplanes Invite Code Generator 2018 (Gold Hack)

Free Invite code generator and gold hack. World of Warplanes (also known as WOW) is the epic massively multiplayer online war action game. Game is FREE to play and comes with so many features. It is developed by Persha Studio (WarGaming) and first release in November 2013 for Microsoft Windows platform.

World of Warplanes is the invite only game, so in order to play the game you first need to be invited by your friend who already joined them. Once you get invitation, you can use your unique referral code at the time of creating account and you will be allowed to play game for FREE.

How to use World of Warplanes Invitation Code?

In order to play the game, you first need to create your account at Wargaming.net. You can create your account using your Facebook, Yahoo or Gmail credential too.  At the time of creating account, you need to click “Have an invite code?” link and then enter the code that you got from this page. If you are registered member of World of Tank then you can use same login detail for all the section of Wargaming.net.

After successful registration, you need to click on “Download” button and then install the game client. Once installer file downloaded successfully, click on Install icon that appears inside that and follow the on-screen instruction. After completing all that step you will see the game icon on Start up menu and on Desktop too. Simply launch the game by clicking that icon and enter your email address and password that you used at the time of creating your account to connect to online server.

World of Warplanes invite codes are one time usable only. You can’t use same code again and again. But we got some hack tool for you, you can use that tool to generate unlimited gaming invitation codes for FREE. You just have to use your username and then click on “Generate” button to get your code. It should be noted that each generated code will be valid for next 24 hours dedicated to your IP.

Do you want to get World of Warplanes gold coins for FREE? Don’t worry you can get unlimited gold with the help of hack method.  I just find online tool which generate unique bonus code that you will have to use at your account to get associated gold. Please make sure to select the amount of gold inside the tool and your code will be generated based on that.

If you don’t know, how to use that online hack program? or have any other query then you can post your comments here.

Keep2share Premium Account Password 2018 (Free Generator)

Keep2Share or K2S is a hosting platform for files. It hosts various files and videos provided by a user, for free. After uploading, these files as well as videos are available for free downloading, unless they have a really large size. However, It has some imposed restrictions, for instance, download caps. Hence, access to a premium account on Keep2Share becomes a necessity.

Unless, a user has the access to a premium account, which may be paid or free, these restrictions will be imposed on you, while using K2S. So, the best way to bypass these restrictions, without paying for the advanced membership is by using the free premium url generators. Pro accounts are necessary to have uninterrupted and unrestricted access to all content on Keep2Share. None of us like to be barred from downloading the content we need to.

How to get Keep2share Premium Account Password?

These generators can create premium links, which are usually bigger as well as faster than those which are commonly available. You can easily get files greater in size than 10GB. Some websites which are specialized for video streaming have embedded players. A list of free as well as paid password link creator is provided by Kikisso, which also show characteristics, like the download limit, maximum file size, capacity of link generation, limits for downloading game for pc, rank as well as language support. You can use any of the generator and hack tool to get all advantages of premium account of Keep2Share for free and long-time use.

There is a lot you need to know before you use a Premium account password generator. Hence, you must take some time to read all the specialties, before you use them.

Tout-Debrid: It is a free PLG and it supports many file hosters. The only problem is that this robox generator is itself password protected. You will be required to create an account in their forums to get download it for pc.

Prem.link: This PLG also works for various file hosters like K2S, TB, MSS, TSF and others.

Cbox Forever Alone: It is chat box based tool and it works for various popular file hosters, including Keep2Share.

Gerador Premium: This PLG is extremely easy to use, but the only requirement is creating an account on it.

Link Fetcher: This PLG supports Keep2Share, RapidGator, Nitroflare as well as Uploaded. There is also a premium package, which is optional.

How to Use Keep2Share Premium Link Generator?

Mostly using a PLG is easy. Follow the below points for using it:

  • Open any premium link generating website, which supports the file hoster you wish to pc download from.
  • If a login is required, then login using your username and password.
  • After the login is successful, you simply need to post the link you wish to download.
  • Wait for a while, and then a premium link will be generated.
  • You can download the file or video using the Pro link.

This way, you can reap the benefits of Keep2Share premium account, without having to pay for it. You can easily work all the features of paid members like downloading enlarged files, no captcha, unqualified downloading travel, and much more.

Evil Angel Discount Codes 2018 (Upto 70% Off Coupon)

Evil Angel is one of the best sites to watch hardcore and anal sex. This site will expose you to erotic videos that will stimulate your sexual sensation. This trending company was founded in 1989 and has since then been releasing amazing videos. If you are interested in watching these erotic videos, then you have to sign up to the site. Membership in this site is not free. One has to pay signup fee and regular monthly subscription. There are coupon codes that can be used to get discounts when signing up for Evil Angel membership.

evilangel promotional codes

Top most Evil Angel Coupons and Codes

  • EPIC: When signing up for membership in this site, you can get 82% off from the original price. This offer is redeemable with the code given here.
  • ANGEL: Yu can also get a 67% discount when for your any purchase.
  • Rebates: You can receive a 50% discount for 1 month membership when you use the voucher code given here. Valid for new customers only.
  • Darkko: Now you can watch B for Bonnie for half. Make sure to use the code given here.
  • EVILANGEL75: Head up and apply the code to get whopping 75% discount on your any purchase.
  • ILoveEvil: You can use the code to try their membership for 15 days for Free. Valid once per user per account. After completing the free trial period, normal fees will be charged.
  • master123 or gapeandfist: Use any of these codes to get 1 month membership at 33% discounted price..
  • ANGELS: You can get 1 month membership for just $9.95. This is 76% discount offered.

The above mentioned are just some of the top working promotion that could give you discounts on your membership for this site. You can make use of any of the promo code listed above to enjoy awesome experience in this site.

evilangel review and coupons

Why should watch video from EvilAngel?

There are many reasons why you should opt for this site for your sex videos. Here below are some of the features and benefits of the site that will make you opt for this site.

  • Real Videos

This site only posts real videos of porn stars. The videos are very real and thus offer viewers value for their money.

  • Regular Updates

The site is updated regularly with new content to give viewers fresh content to chew. You will always know of new stuff concerning sex when you become a member of this site.

  • Huge gallery

The gallery is full of photos and videos dating 10 years ago. On your free time you can view these old videos to see the evolution of sex.

  • High Quality Videos

The site has embraced technology and is using the high definition 1920×1080 with a bit rate of over 7000kbps.

You can use this site to improve your sexual techniques since you will learn of different ways of performing sex.

How to use the Evil Angel Coupon Codes?

You have to copy promo codes given here and then paste that when trying to purchase membership in evilangel.com. Some of the code given here are valid for new customers only. For more details about their rules, please check the guideline given below.

The Policy Guiding for Evil Angel Discount Coupons:

  • Same code cannot be used twice by one user.
  • You are not allowed to combine or stack any promotional offers with coupon.
  • It is also important to note that the cheat code should be typed as indicated above observing caps lock.

Bathmate Discount Coupon Codes 2018 (Buy for Cheap)

Bathmate Hydromax X40 is a widely used product for men to increase the size of their penis. Here are some discount coupons and promo codes to buy Bathmate for cheap.

It has been uniquely designed to help men in enlarging their penis to have a better experience in bed. Bathmate Hydromax X40 is a pump that pressurizes water within the cylinder that is sealed around your penis. The main aim is to increase the size of the penis though it serves many other functions related to stimulating men’s sexual desires. There are many other products available in the market trying to compete with Bathmate, but nobody could even reach to their benchmark. Below is the comparison and features over others.

Bathmate bathmate coupon codes


Top Working Bathmate Coupons and and Codes

  • T0IG4: You can save $25 when you purchase a Bathmate product (Bathmate Hydromax Extreme). The coupon code for this offer is .
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee: There is an offer that could see unsatisfied customers get refund of cash in full. There is no code for this offer. You only have to make the purchase from the manufacturer’s main website.
  • Save $69 Off Bathmate System: By using the code 54db9fb62017b, you can save up to $69 from your purchases. You will need to apply this code in your browser.
  • Personal Discount: If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a personalized offers, deals and exclusive code.

Why should you Buy Bathmate Hydromax X40 over Others?

There are many reasons why you should purchase Bathmate over other products serving the same function. The features that define this product are what should act as a guide as to why you should buy this product over others.

  • 35% More Powerful than Its Competitors

Before the release of the Hydromax X40, there was the X30 which functioned as most of the other products. But the introduction of the X40 has set a new performance standard with about 35% more power in this product as compared to its competitors.

  • Pre-pump Erection Size of Over 7.5 inches

This product works well to increase penis size up to 7.5 inches. This is considered the perfect penis size for a man.

  • Has a Measurement Gauge

Most products do not offer measurement gauge. Users are usually left to guess whether there is an increase in penis size or not. However, It has a measurement gauge that helps an individual to track his progress.

  • Swivel Bellow Feature

Unlike many other products, the Bathmate X40 has a swivel bellow feature that optimizes efficiency by allowing for 360 degree pivoting.

  • Efficient Valve System

There is a new valve system that has been introduced in the X40 which makes it easier to release pressure from Bathmate.

  • Proven to Work

The product has been proven to work. Men who have used this product have all reported success using this product. The success rate is quite impressive leading other products by a huge margin.

  • Fairly Priced

The amazing features of this product have been put against a fair price. The product is not over priced.

Furthermore, there are promo codes that can help men to buy Bathmate for cheap without compromising quality. Few of them are highlighted below.

bathmate penis pump discount coupon

How to Order Using the Bathmate Coupon Codes?

First of all you need to copy the code from our page and now open their official site. Put your choice of product in your cart and click on Buy now button and It will redirect you to payment page. Now you need to paste the coupon code when checking out after making the order. It should reflect automatically.

Bathmate Shipping and Return Policy

The products are shipped at owner’s cost. The charges may vary depending on the order made. But fortunately, sometime they offer Free Shipping when you use coupons and good thing is that you can stack Free delivery offer with other voucher code too.

If you purchase Bathmate products from the manufacturer’s main website, then you will be eligible for 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee. So always go for official site only. There are other sites like Amazon, eBay but they don’t offer discount.

Nitroflare Premium Account 2018 (Free Password Link Generator)

The Nitroflare Password Link or Premium Account Generator is the easiest way to get a free Paid membership so you can enjoy all the additional features Nitroflare can give you. It’s hard to spend the money needed for premium accounts, so with this simple little hack you can bypass paying and use an account someone has left unused anyway.

Nitroflare is another file hosting platform, like Keep2Shapre, Upstore, etc. It can be used by anybody across the world of internet, to host various types of files, including videos too. After the hosting of any file, it becomes available to be downloaded for free by other users, unless the size of the file is too large. This file hoster is extremely good and highly recommended as it has all latest updates videos and files.

The only restriction imposed is to the basic account users. Unless any user has access to a premium account, while using the Nitroflare file hoster, certain restrictions will be imposed on him. But many of us cannot afford to make the payments for owning a Pro package. The best solution for bypassing these restrictions, hence, becomes a hack or premium link generator. These PGL’s help all users to steer clear of any restrictions, including download caps. The necessity of premium accounts arises when the user desires to have unrestricted as well as uninterrupted access to all the content available on Nitroflare. Of course, nobody likes to be barred from downloading any desired content from such file hosters. You need to download roblox robux generator to get all these benefits.

When you have the premium version of Nitroflare you can enjoy no advertisements, pop-ups, or layers to deal with and concurrent downloads. With the non-premium version you only can download one thing at once. You can also enjoy the fastest download speed and no ticket waiting. It’s amazing the difference download speed can make when uploading files like PhotoGrid for pc etc, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Nitroflare gives you a safe place to store your files for up to 10GB for each file. You can store pictures, documents, and video files with ease in the their cloud and access them anywhere. That’s a lot of space for you to put your documents and your important files. You can easily share the files with anyone who has a PC or a MAC.

How to use Nitroflare Premium link generator?

Mostly using a PLG is easy. You can follow the simple steps and download any file.

  • Open the website of any PGL. Make sure it supports the host website from which you desire to make the download.
  • In case, login is required, use the password and username to do so.
  • After success of your login, simply post the desired download link.
  • After a short waiting time, a premium link is generated.
  • This link can be used to successfully complete the download.

By following this simple technique, you can reap all befits which otherwise tag along with a Nitroflare premium account and hence demand to be paid for. You do not need to pay anything and will easily get all features reserved for the premium members. So go ahead and download for windows or MAC PC and start using that to get all the features.

Camfrog Pro Serial Codes 2018 (Free Generator)

Camfrog is a video chat client that allows people to chat with one another through video feeds. Camshare Inc created Camfrog and had an initial release in 2003 before a final release in February 2015. It is such that there are video chat rooms both hosted by Camfrog and by the users that log on to the site. The user rooms have different rules than the Camfrog hosted rooms but must still follow the terms of service of Camfrog. Here we will provide some hack codes tool that help you to get paid version for FREE.

It allows users to send files to each other which could either be videos or pictures as long as they do not exceed 100MB; it allows for only those that have attained the age of 16 and above to create a profile picture; it is available on Windows, IOS and Android software. The users can send messages; have one-on-one audio calls and even chat in the chat rooms via text and microphone. More so, it has a plain and intuitive inter-phase as well as being practical.

Benefits if Pro Version of CamFrog:

There are some great features that make Premium version appealing over FREE.  It works on all PCs no matter the configuration of the system and it works across all operating systems. With the Pro version, the following features are available:

  • You can able to send messages to anyone on Camfrog also known as VIP messages
  • You can change your nickname once every three months which even tends to be colored meaning colour can also be modified from time to time
  • There is unlimited number of videos that you can upload.
  • You can also check who are the most popular users on Camfrog and with whom you can chat.
  • It is also possible to join multiple chat rooms at the same time without being disconnected from any fellow that in free version; finally, premium features are available to be unlocked especially on IOS and Android devices.

How to Generator Camfrog Pro Serial Codes for FREE?

However, if you want to get the premium version for a free, then it can be possible by getting the hack app. The app is known as Camfrog bonus code generator, which can be downloaded on your PC. After downloading it, you need to extract the files to a folder on your PC, you then run the hack generator after which you select the version of Camfrog that you want; in this case it is the Pro version which you click on, after clicking on it, just wait for a few minutes and then the codes will be generated. Once the cheat codes are generated, you can then go to the home page of Camfrog on the hack app and click on the Pro version which then asks for code, enter one of the codes and start enjoying the advanced and unique features of the Pro version. The app can be used multiple number of times should it be needed, just repeat the steps as stated above and you are good to go.

Depfile Premium Account 2018 (Free Password Generator)

Depfile is a file hoster which provides a cloud storage which is secure as well as unlimited. It provides with high – speed downloading as well as the uploading of multimedia files, photographs, documents and much more. Depfile is an excellent file hoster and provides two types of services. These can be classified as the free service and the premium service.

Why should you go with Depfile?

  • A backup of important multimedia files, photographs, documents, etc. can be made in a location, which is secure.
  • These files can be accessed at any place and at any time, using any device which has access to the internet.
  • Files can be shared with known people as well as the public in general.
  • It is a great tool for personal as well as the professional use.

Benefits of Depfile Premium account

  • The download speed is increased up to 100 Mb’s. This is amazingly fast speed. Also, the lightning fast speed is great for downloading of any type of files, including multimedia, music, larger installation files, etc.
  • The parallel downloads become unlimited. You can download as many files as you want, immediately. Waiting for one of the previous downloads to end before the beginning of the next one is no more going to be the scene.
  • Unmetered storage space is provided to the premium members.
  • URL, Torrent as well as the FTP uploads can be done.
  • Fastest possible rate of downloading is ensured by the download accelerators and download priority.
  • Recovering and copying of files are some additional features offered.

The free members have lots of restrictions. They cannot access or download all the content available. Also, all the above features are not available to them. Here is when the premium link generators come to your rescue. But do you really want to pay for all this? If not, then this is the right place for you. You can use it to get your own password to access paid account, without having to pay a dime for it. Here are some roblox code generators which are suggested for use.

GenBird – This premium link generator supports depfile, filepost, bitshare, dropbox, YouTube, dailymotion, etc.

Exrapidleech – Supports depfile, uptobox, filesflash, rapidgator, etc.

Toutdebreid – Supports extmatrix, depfile, tusfiles, rapidshare, etc.

How to use a Depfile Premium link Generator?

It is a very simple process to such hack tool and access all features of depfile premium account, free of cost. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  • Go to a PLG which is supporting for depfile
  • Next, copy the link of the download.
  • If login is asked for, do the needful using your password and username.
  • Next, after the login, you will be required to post the link you desire to download.
  • Wait for some time and soon, your premium acct link will be generated.
  • Use the premium account which has been generated, for the download of your desired multimedia file, or anything that you wish to download for pc or your laptop or smartphone.

Points2Shop Hack 2018 (Referral Code Generator)

Have you ever wondered how you can get paid for doing various online tasks? Well, it is now possible to earn and get paid online for performing some simple tasks. There is an online company known as Points2Shop which pays people for performing various tasks ranging from simple to complex tasks. These tasks are performed depending on your area of interest and the skills you have. At times the tasks might be boring but will earn you rewards at the end of it. There are free and paid tasks. Therefore, you can either get points to redeem or even cash to use.

How are you paid?

There are various payout modes through which you can get paid with Amazon being the popular channel. What happens is that the company will order a product from Amazon under their name and put your address for delivery.

The best way to earn from this system is by referring people to use the site via your referral link. Upon signing up, you will be given a referral code.

A referral code is a short code provided by the company that you can use to refer people. Once they sign up using this code, you will get rewards after successful completion of their tasks. This means that you can actually get paid without having to perform the tasks.

How to Get Referral Code Generator

You can use the online hack tools to generate referral codes that you can use to get more points and rewards. Points2Shop hack offers more than just the invite codes. It has amazing features as mentioned below here.

Features of Hack Engine

  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Merits
  • Clean Cookies
  • Hide Your IP
  • Ban Protection
  • 100% Safe

The features of this hack tool are designed to improve your experience in this earning system. By getting unlimited points, cash and rewards, you can easily get paid as if you have performed different tasks. There are also other features that work to protect users from a possible ban by the company. These features include hiding your IP and the anti-ban protection system that the hack tool has. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being banned out of the site for using cheats. All has been covered.

Instructions on How to Download and Use Points2Shop Hack

Here below is a step by step procedure on download hack engine.

  • Download Points2Cash Hack Generator
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Enter you username
  • Wait for it to connect
  • Select the required number of points, cash or merits that you need
  • Click on Start Hack
  • Enjoy the rewards of the hack!

Once you are done with the rewards, you can always come back for more points to get you back on the ways of spending. You need to ensure that you have a fast internet connection while downloading the hack tool. Also a new email address may be required for those in need of referral codes.