Megatypers invitation Codes 2018 for FREE

Megatypers ( main website at ) is the workforce company that provides data entry services to both private and public institutions and some of the services include conversion of scanned documents to editable digital documents, helping those that are visually impaired to overcome internet challenges, voice to text recognition and image to text recognition.

Megatypers is more like a freelance company where you can work and subsequently earn money; the beauty of it is that it is open to all across the globe and it is suitable for almost anybody particularly the sit-home moms, students, those between jobs or parents that need a second job. The number of hours spent working corresponds to the amount of money to be earned by an individual. The work mainly involves typing and you need to register to be able to work there.

In order to register, you are going to need an Megatypers invitation codes which can be obtained at the site; then you are required to send six e-mail ids after which the administrators of that site will then make use of the e-mail to open six corresponding accounts with which you will be working on the site. Further requirements are for an individual to have an internet connection with a speed of over 500 kbps as well as a typing speed of 30wpm and must be able to type all the letters without having to look at the keyboard. The problem is that if an individual fails to follow the process of registration, such an account will be banned and should it happen that the person has money there, such money will be forfeited. Secret codes can also be copied from other sites and pasted for use on the site and this is proven to work.

How to get Megatypers Invite codes for FREE?

However, it is possible to have more than the six accounts provided by the aid of the hack app or software which allows you to have an unlimited number of accounts and be able to earn money from these accounts. Through the hack, an individual can work for lesser hours and still earn more considering the fact that in megatypers, it is about the longer you work for the more you earn which is reversed through the hack because then you do not need invitation codes before you start making your income. The software for the hack is downloaded from the corresponding hack site to your PC and then the files are first extracted before the hack app is then run as administrator and then launched. It is solely applicable on all kind of PCs but not on smartphones or other type of devices.

There is a danger with using the hack in that it is a third party software and megatypers have security settings in place to guard against such, so if the hack app is used repeatedly, such an account can still be blocked and banned which is why it is important to take caution when using the hack app. Even, sometimes it seems to make the work easier but it tends to distort the account of an individual.