Mcdonalds Monopoly Codes 2018 – Free Online Generator

Mcdonalds Monopoly Codes. If you are living in United Kingdom, you might know that recently that McDonalds are promoting their annual sweepstakes program dubbed McDonalds’ Monopoly Golden Chance 2015. For those who do not know what is McDonald’s Monopoly is all about, it is a sales promotion raffle that is always present every year in United Kingdom and United States, where every meal sets purchases will get you a game pieces that can be traded for prizes that McDonalds has to offer. The prizes that they present vary from free meals and products to a trip to Europe or even £100,000, – a life changing sum of money indeed.

You can get the game pieces in form of a game stickers through the purchase of promotional meal set on every McDonald branches in UK, where there are three types of stickers that you might get; Instant Win, Collect to Win, and Online game stickers. Instant Win stickers usually give you a free McDonald products; ranging from free drinks to a full set meals. But if you get lucky, sometimes you will get free shopping vouchers on partner outlets or even prize items such as Raleigh Bike, Samsung NX Mini Camera, or even a Mini Cooper car if you really get lucky.

In order to win stickers, you need to collect at least one complete property set in order to trade in the game pieces for prizes. You need to download or take the monopoly game board pamphlet to see what combination that is needed to win and what prize you will earn from it. The prizes for completing one set varies from a measly £ 50,- voucher for, a digital camera, a full European holiday trip, Mini Cooper automobile, to the grand prize of £100,000 cash that are paid in installments.

How to Generate McDonalds’s Online Codes for FREE

Last but not least in the fray is the online game sticker. If you get a game sticker with a unique code written on it, you should go to After passing the age verification menu, you can enter the codes you got in your purchase and obtain cash prizes that are randomly decided by the server. You can get real, free money transferred into your bank account ranging from £ 10,- up to £ 100,- Do note that the online codes can only be redeemed before 28th April 2015, so it is wise if you claim your winning codes as soon as possible.

There are 2 ways to generate the Online Game sticker code, either by mailing a handwritten letter to McDonalds in order to ask for free game pieces stickers, or by downloading the McDonalds Monopoly code generator. Since mailing a handwritten letter is a pain, you might want to try downloading the online hack code generator in here: You just need to follow the guides provided by the site and take on the survey in order to get your download link. After you finished downloading, just turn off your antivirus and run the program then click on the “Generate Code!” button.