IModgame Points iFile Hack Cydia

We know that many game Apps, which have become very trendy these days because of the affordability of smartphones all over the world. Now, the game Apps have become business which has prevailed in the market to large extent. When you play your favorite games you definitely, would have asked for purchasing points or lives to unlock the mystery or moving to next level. Every Game app includes the inside Application Purchase (iAP) which let you move to next level after collecting some bucks from you. Luckily! Thanks to the hackers, they are always there for you to find the way out of exit. These iAP can be cracked easily in many games but in some games, iAP crackers doesn’t help. So, this brings to IModgame.

I just find one Hack tool that is available for Cydia enabled and Non-jailbreak devices. You can download that to get any kind of games for FREE.

What Is IModgame Hack?

IModgame is the hacking tool which has power to crack any game weather it is online or offline on jail broken IPhones and IPads. Comparatively, IModgame is far better than iAP cracker as per as performance is concerned. The tool gives you infinite cash and further you can have all what you want. But initially, you would have to spend 1$-2$ to get 100 mod points. This is just first time purchase for hackers who deserve to have at least this much for their work.

imodgame ifile tool

How to Download IModgame on your IOS Phone

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to manage: then go on sources where u paste this repo .
  • Now add source and stay for a while so that the repo get installed on your phone.
  • You can install the iModgame now.

Cydia Tricks and hack

Cydia is like search engine where you can find all the apps which get hidden by Apple on App Store. It is unofficial to use but by jail breaking you makes it possible to use Cydia in your device and enjoy any App freely even which are restricted by Apple. Cydia let you download Ifile.

Ifile is the file management App which gives you access the deep restricted files and repositories on your IPhone. By accessing internal files of these IPhone you can Crack many games by resetting the true price of the app.

How to get unlimited points with IModgame Ifile hack

Here are the following steps to get unlock many games freely.

  • Open the Ifile App downloaded from Cydia
  • Go to the Documents and then IModgames folder.
  • Then go to plugins => Select the game file which you wnt to crack => Info.plist
  • You will see an icon on the side which will give two options
  • Tap the Property List Viewer => Latest
  • Now change the actual price equivalent to zero.
  • Now, Open IModGame=> Select your game => Setting => Turn off Infinite Health and Item Multiplier.

Now enjoy free games as much as you want but be careful of malware or firmware. Keep in mind search well enough about the game before cracking them. Avoid dealing with other registry files if you don’t know about them. Other than this, have a great Cracker and enjoy.