IMEI Changer Software – How to Modify IMEI Number

The term IMEI is an abbreviation you have usually heard in connection with phones. It is associated with maintaining identification of all the phones produced. This term specifically stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

It is a large series of numbers which serve as an identification number for the mobile devices. These numbers are used in every phone in order to maintain database & keep track of these devices. Almost all phones have a 15 digits numbers combination. However in few cases it is either longer than 15 digits or even shorter identification numbers.

Why is this IMEI Number so important?

The International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) numbers are used for identification to avoid and locate mobile devices which either get lost or stolen. At times, you forget your phone on a restaurant table or unfortunately some sneaky pickpocket steals your cell phone. When this happens, your most valuable possession is the IMEI number & it also helps you locate & retrieve your phone by the help of law enforcement authorities.

Once reported to the policing authorities, they will utilize the IMEI to find your phone. They use the network to track your phone. Once your phone is located, they blacklist your phone in order to avoid unauthorized access to your information on the phone.

Law enforcement authorities can restrict a thief or quite possibly a terrorist, who was using your phone to access specific network. Advancement in technology has allowed us to track & find lost or stolen mobile phones by using the very same IMEI number which serves as coordinates. It is advisable that you find & note down somewhere your phone’s IMEI number.

How to modify IMEI Number manually?

While most people want convenience of using software to modify IMEI numbers, some like to do it themselves without relying on external software.

Here is the tested method to manually change your IMEI. Although now there is software which can help you easily change your IMEI however you can manually do it via this method.

Step 1. Dial *#*#3646633#*#*

Step 2. Click to Call pad or go to Connectivity > radio info or CDS information (in other cases)

Step 3. Select Phone 1 or 2 (in case you have a dual-sim phone)

Step 4. Add AT+EGMR1,7,”IMEI” (replace “IMEI” with your new IMEI number)


Here’s an example of how it would finally look like.


How to use IMEI Changer Software?

While few people might rely on the manual method to alter their Mobile Identity number, most of us need convenience. There are several software which can help you in that.

IMEI Changer is the go to software. The user friendly interface makes it easier to quickly modify IMEI without any hassle of playing with the delicate settings. You can download & install this helpful tool from here.

Click Here to Get IMEI Changer now!

Once you have downloaded & installed the IMEI Changer from the given link. You can follow this quick guide to use this software for IMEI modification.

Step 1. Connect your device with USB cable or any cable and make sure that your device is detected on your PC.

Step 2. Now click “Connect” button on IMEI Changer. “System Information” tab will show your mobile device’s information.

Step 3. Check “Randomly generate IMEI”. Enter your IMEI 1 & leave IMEI 2 blank or enter the same one as in IMEI 1.

Step 4. Click “Edit values” button. Wait while it finishes.

Step 5. Reboot your phone & once it is back on, dial *#06# in your dial pad.

Tada! You now have a new IMEI number.