Howrse Promo Codes 2018 and Passes Cheats

Howrse is the leading online multiplayer passes game from Ubisoft. was started with single player mod which allow you to breed, ride and raise your own horses and then you can use that for racing or as horse cart and many other way. It is the virtual world game that ask you to select your horse genre, colors and many other details at the registration point only.

Howrse Gaming Features:

It is browse based game having advanced graphics that make it more realistic and fun to play. It works with almost all kind of browse but provided that you have enough memory and computer specification. If you are thinking that this is just another racing game then you are wrong. It has many more features including grooming up and breeding your own horse, buying and selling it with your friend. You can participant into competition and then earn rewards that you can redeem on buying gaming stuff like horse foods, clothes and other gears.

Howrse Game Passes and Equus Items Generator

Like just many other games, Howrse have it’s own gaming currencies named passes and equus. Equus and Passes are main currencies that you can use to purchase horse and gaming accessories. You can earn it by participating into contest, completing mission and by breeding horse. You can also buy Equus and Passes by spending real money. Option is available for all those who don’t want to spend time on such mission and competition but still want gaming currency. It will help game developers only to earn some cash and you will just get virtual currency. Instead of that you should think to get Passes and Equus for FREE.

Howrse Cheats and Hack

You might have heard about some hack and online generator. You just need to either download that on your system or use it online to get unlimited passes and¬†Equus for FREE. You no need to spend single dime on that. Is that awesome? It is totally unpredictable and you are completely safe using that. Alternatively, you can use the cheat codes listed below. It won’t affect your account but suggesting you to use that once in day.

Top working Howrse Promotional Coupons and Codes

  • TagDaze – Head up to your account and apply the code to get Equus and Passes for FREE.
  • XXHORSEILLUST – Get 6 months Horse for FREE.
  • HI1HP or H34G or H0344 – Use any of these cheats for Horn of Plenty.
  • IAMCOOL123471 or Verve – Get Black market items for FREE.
  • golten – Free Karma points.
  • YRXMAS or NP45 – Receive random gaming items. Valid once per account per user.
  • JETA45 – Improve your horse health and stamina.

How to use Howrse Promo Codes?

First of all you need to login to your account. Then visit your dashboard and then apply the fire red cheat code given here to get associated items for FREE.

If you are using admin hack tool then you need to wait for the unique hack to be unlocked for you. It is valid once per account and sometime for new users only. So please check that before you use it. You can download it from torrent or use online version too.