Gaia Hack and Gold Generator 2018

Gaia online is a social network that was founded in 2003. It initially started as an anime linklist before developing to a small community. But the company would later on move from being just a small community to a social gaming and eventually a forum based website. It attracts a huge fan following with over a million posts made daily. The website has over 26 million users and gets about 7 million unique users each month. Members of Gaia online are known as Gaians. Each member receives a customizable avatar upon signing up. There is also a forum where there are public message boards. Each forum has its guidelines that have to be followed. One of the most interesting resource found here is gold.

What is Gaia Gold?

It is the main currency used in the online world of Gaia. It is the most precious resource that one can have in this online world. It serves a number of functions that makes it valuable.

Gaia Gold It is used to buy online items from shops and market places for their avatars. These items are used to customize the avatars and make them unique in their own way. Gold can also be used to buy cars and homes.

There are other currencies such as cash, tokens, tickets and credits but gold is the main currency.

How to Earn Gaia Gold without Hack

Noting the fact that gold is the main currency, it is important to highlight some of the ways of earning this valuable resource. To be highlighted below here are some of the ways of earning gold without using the Gaia Hack and Gold Generator.

  1. Sign Up for Mobile Alerts: By simply signing up for cell alerts, you can get 1k (5000 gold). Signing up with your email rewards you with 250 gold. There is also an additional 50 gold monthly for those who have signed up.
  2. Invite Friends: If you invite friends who have not signed up, you can get up to 5k.
  3. Post in the Forums: You get rewarded with gold for regularly posting in the forums. You get much gold for more posts in the forum.
  4. Play Games: Playing games also gets you a good number of gold in this online community.
  5. Sell Items: You can also trade some of the items that you made in the art shop.

How to Generate Unlimited Gaia Gold for Free

The above mentioned steps give specific number of gold after a long process. With a hack Generator, you can get unlimited number of gold without having to pay for any. The process of using the hack is discussed below here.

Gaia Online Gold Hack

There is a cheat code program that has been developed by hackers to help Gaians in their quest to get unlimited number of gold. The gold found in this online hack tool is absolutely free. For users to stay safe and avoid a possible ban, it is recommended that you generate less than 400,000 gold for an interval of 24 hours. Do not go crazy and select more than this number.

How to Use the Gaia Online Gold Hack

This online cheats works easily as highlighted below here:

  • Log in to your Online account
  • Select the required amount of gold on the right side of the main window
  • Click on GENERATE GOLD button
  • Wait for the generating process to be finished then click on ADD GOLD button
  • Enjoy free and unlimited gold!

That is how easy the process of using an online generator tool for generating gold is. Keep on using the unlimited gold so long as you maintain less than 400,000 gold per day.