Filefactory Premium Account 2018 – Free Password Link Generator

FileFactory is a company started in 2005 that deals in provision of file hosting services. FileFactory allows you to host various types of file including games, music, movies and documents. All the hosted files can be streamed or downloaded as many times as you wish. You can also duplicate and import any file to your account from another member of FileFactory with just one click. All your files can be protected using a password to keep them safe. It is impossible to access them without your password. The files can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. They offer both a free and a premium account.

Filefactory Premium Account Advantages

  • Faster downloads

The download speeds for premium members have no limits. You can download your files as fast as your internet connection will allow you to. FileFactory also works very well with majority of the popular downloaders meaning that you can have more control over your download.

  • Instant downloads.

Premium account allows you to switch on the feature of direct download, enabling all downloads to begin immediately. You will not need to be redirected back to their home page.

  • Free TrafficShare

You get an opportunity to offer the downloaders of your files 100GB of downloads at fast speeds and no adverts.

  • Resume capabilities

Incomplete files is one of the most annoying things for anyone downloading torrent files, especially if the download was of a large file. For premium members of FileFactory, that is not a major problem as broken or interrupted downloads can always be resumed through any download manager that is compatible.

  • Earning capabilities

The paid account holders enjoy earning options in the form of Pay per sale and Pay pre download.

  • Simultaneous downloads

The number of cs5 downloads which you can have simultaneously is not limited. There are also no queues for the download meaning you will not have to wait.

  • No advertisements

You will not be bothered by any of the annoying ads while downloading or sharing your files.

This account goes for $13 per month. There are ways which you can use to get a free premium account. You can use promo codes to save some money on your total spending or you can also go for FileFactory link generator.

Password sharing

There are some sites which purchase real FileFactory premium accounts and share the username and password required for login in with the public. You can get most of them by searching using relevant keywords on search engines. Some websites may offer false information trying to get you to visit the site and improve their traffic. Simply try a few different sites until you get one that works.

FileFactory Premium Link and Password Generator

You can also use a password and cheats generator to obtain working login details for a premium account of File Factory. Most of the password generators work online, so that they can generate relevant information regardless of any updates posted. All you need to do is run the generator using the given instructions depending on the one that you are using. You can then use obtained information to access your premium account and enjoy all the features that come with it. You can also use torrent simulator to download your choice of files.