Fantage Hack Generator 2018 – Stars, eCoins Membership

Fantage is an online community containing a wide range on online games and activities. All these games and activities have been developed by Fantage Inc. These games are very interesting in nature and many gamers love the games. Personal customization of cartoon avatars is the most interesting thing about the games. A player can customize an avatar from its hair to the clothes. The game developers say that the games were mainly developed for children between the ages of 6 and 16. The website is friendly to children for it does not have any adult content in it. In this platform, you can either be a premium member or non-premium member. There is a clear difference between the two memberships.

Importance of Game Items

Before reviewing the difference between the premium and non-premium members, it is of great importance to acknowledge the game’s resources. Like Woozworld, Game has Stars and eCoins. These resources can be used to purchase game items that are needed to boost player’s game experience. There are a lot of items that can be purchased by the  eCoins and Stars. Game’s items include clothing, hairstyles, pets, and stickers among many others.

What is Fantage Membership?

As mentioned earlier, there are premium and non-premium members. The difference between the two classes of members influences the gameplay of a player. Of course a premium member will have to pay for membership while a non-premium member does not pay. The difference comes in when in need of purchasing items. A non-premium member will be required to pay for membership before purchasing some items in the store while a premium member freely purchases all the game’s items. Therefore, if you want to access all the items, you have to be a premium member.

There is an alternative of becoming a premium member without paying. This is where you use the Hack Generator to acquire free membership.

Features of Fantage Online Generator for eCoins and Stars

This is an online money hack that helps players in Fantage online community to access some of the features that require real money to access on a normal occasion. Learn about the hack features here below:

  • Free Stars and eCoins: These are some of the game’s important resources that a player needs to improve the game experience. By using the hack, you get unlimited supply of Stars and eCoins for your convenient use in the game.
  • Unlock Membership: This hack code tool can get you to be a premium member and enjoy the benefits enjoyed by paid members. This is also a key feature of the hack for it allows players to improve their gaming experience.

The above mentioned two features are the most important for improving gameplay. Other features include:

  • The coin generator cannot be detected by game developers and therefore you cannot be banned for using it.
  • It is absolutely free to use this hack tool.
  • The software updates on daily basis to keep the player up-to-date with the recent developments.
  • The process of download and use of the hack tool is quite simple. It also has a simple interface that makes the work of a user quite easy.

How to Use Fantage Hack Generator to hack membership

  • Download the Fantage Hack Tool software
  • Save the exe file
  • Unzip the file
  • Select the hack options you want to use like Membership, and amount of Stars & eCoins
  • Click on ‘Hack’ Button
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • The selected options should be in your account
  • Enjoy the game!

That is how simple it gets to use the Fantage Generator and Hack. Try it today for an improved gaming experience.