DroidVPN Premium Account 2018 (Free Hack APK)

DroidVPN free hack apk and Premium Account DroidVPN is an excellent solution to anyone who wants to enjoy internet security and freedom while using an Android device to access the internet through public hotspots and Wi-Fi spots. It is a virtual private network that allows secure connections as well as bypass of internet censorships. DroidVPN offers two types of accounts, the free account and the premium account. With the free account, you get bandwidth and speed limitations among other undesirable ones. The premium account on the other hand combines many features and no limitations to give you an exciting experience.

Importance of DroidVPN Premium Account APK

  • Anonymity: You get to surf the internet anonymously. Your real IP address will be hidden meaning that no one can trace anything you do over the internet back to you.
  • Security: All your data, including instant messages and financial transactions are encrypted and secured.
  • Wi-Fi security: Your session of browsing the internet through Wi-Fi is secured. No one can hack into your device through the connection.
  • Ease of use: It requires just a few taps to get everything ready and going. You don’t need any technical know-how in order to use it.
  • Unblock websites: Any website that is regionally blocked or censored can be accessed when browsing through DroidVPN APK. No more gift code hack and other unwanted messages. You won’t have to miss out on what every other person in the rest of the world are enjoying.
  • Blocking of ads: You can get rid of all those annoying adverts that keep popping up when you browse using the VPN service. That will also help you browse faster.
  • Speed: There is absolutely no restriction on the browsing and download speed when using Droid VPN APK of premium account. You get to enjoy unlimited speeds.
  • Traffic: All your internet traffic is encrypted for enhanced security.
  • Server switch: It has servers in more than seven countries. With the paid membership, you can switch from server to server as many times as you want. The switch is also executed instantly.
  • Tunnel: You can tunnel through ICMP
  • GPRS and Wi-Fi: Droid VPN works with both Wi-Fi and GPRS. Whichever type of connection you are on, you will always be protected.
  • Password: Your password is updates at intervals of 2 hours.

DroidVPN Free Hack for Premium Username and Password

The premium DroidVPN costs approximately $5 per month, a cost that not many users would be willing to pay. The great news is, you can enjoy the premium services without having to spend a single cent of your money. For this, you simply need to follow the following steps after downloading the premium account;

  1. Do a quick search on the internet using your favorite search engine to find a suitable website that offers free generation of username and passwords for DroidVPN accounts. There are lots of them on the internet so this step should be quite easy. Note that some of the websites are scams and will provide passwords that doesn’t work. Try choosing one that is more popular and trusted. You can judge based on the reviews that they have.
  2. Follow the required procedure to generate the necessary login details and copy the results. Some will require that you download a product key file that will contain the details for login.
  3. Sign in to your DroidVPN premium account using the provided details and enjoy all the premium services for free.

Once you have Free paid account apk then you can browse any website anonymously, including torrent file, movies, youtube and much more.