DragonVale Cheats 2018 (Free Gems Codes Generator)

DragonVale cheats and free gems code generator. DragonVale is a new kind of city builder genre whereby you are in charge of a dragon amusement park. Technically, It is a building game in a fantasy setting but its main focus is on collecting different dragon breeds, you do this by either buying them or breeding them yourself.

The great thing about Dragon Vale is that, it’s Free to download and play game. Premium in app purchase is available for those who want to speed up things and want more gaming coins and features.But if you keep patience then there is literally nothing that you can’t get without spending money. The game starts out with a tutorial that shows you how to do everything so, if you have never played this style of game then you could find everything fairly easy to pick up.

Best Ways to Get Free gems and coins in DragonVale

It might not seem like much, but free gems and money is too good to pass up. Visit a friend’s Dragon Park once in a day and find the party hats on their island. The amount of money and coin you will received is depends on how big your own park is at the time of your visit. Doing so will help you to expand it faster than without any cheats.

Trade and Gift with your Friends Every day : Game allows you to send a single gem to three different friends. Remember to return the favor! If you and a friend join together in DragonVale you can trade gems and other supplies with them. Maybe you can get extra dragon that you really want. Babysitting your dragons is a good way to earn in-game cash to buy gems with. If you place your dragons on sale then you can earn extra cash and coin that you can use for your future purchase.

Below are some DragonVale Cheats and Secret Codes that you can use for getting related stuff for FREE.

Fire plus Air = Air Dragon
Fire+Life will give you flower dragon
Cold plus Life will get you Lichen dragon
Flower + Cold will bring you Blazing bluefire
Plant + Lighting = Cactus Dragon
Plant + Earth = Thee Dragon
Metal + Fire will give you Brass Dragon
Cold + Plant key for Mountain Dragon

Apart from above cheat codes, you can get free game stuff by having some automated program.

If you don’t want to wait for breeding and want instant gaming coin and gems then you should checkout some online DragonVale hack generator. I just find tool which you can use online and by just entering your username and few more field you can generate unlimited gems, coin and gaming money for FREE. There is no any limit and you will able to use it for your any number of account. Tool is valid for almost every countries and good thing is that it’s online tool, so you no need to download and stuff on your smartphone, computer or laptop.

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