Crossfire VIP Hack 2018 (Free eCoin and GP Generator)

Crossfire is an interesting online tactical first-shooter game. It is a physical game that has 2 mercenary corporations fighting each other. As a player, you can choose any of the two mercenary corporations. The two are the “Black List” and “Global Risk”. In such an engaging fight, weaponry is very important to become victorious. In order to get your weapons upgraded or have better weapons, you must purchase them at the game’s shop. For this to happen, you must have some of the most important game resources such as GP and eCoins. To further your quest of having better weaponry, you can also upgrade to VIP membership which will allow you access to specialized weaponry.

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What are GP and eCoins?

Game Points, also known as GP are the main currency of the game. With GP, you can purchase some of the premium items found in item-shop. eCoins, Stars and membership are also used in the game to purchase game items. These resources are very important in improving the gameplay of a player.

What is VIP Membership?

You can opt to play the free-to-play game or join the VIP membership. A VIP membership, as its name suggests, gives you added benefits than free-to-play games. VIP members get access to better weaponry that can help them fight their opponents well.

  • There is a 200% XP bonus that is given to VIP members for every game they play.
  • Special Headshot icon
  • There are Bonus Bullets given to VIP members
  • You also get faster achievements by the virtue of being a VIP member.

There is a VIP shop that free-to-play gamers cannot access. VIP membership is paid for and therefore only a few players are in it. Alternatively, there is an online hack tool that works to unlock VIP membership. Not only does it unlocks this important membership, but also generates the game’s most important resources for free.

Download Crossfire Generator for free eCoin and GP

This is an online code generator that unlocks the premium membership and also provides the game’s resources. You can also download hack on your system. Its features are highlighted below here:

  • VIP Membership Unlock: You do not have to use real money to subscribe to VIP membership of the game. This hack unlocks this feature and allows a player to enjoy the premium benefits that are being enjoyed by VIP members.
  • Free eCoins and GP: These are the primary resources that are needed for a player to purchase game items such as weaponry. You get all these for free without paying a single dime. These resources are hard to find without real money if you are not using the money and gold hack.

These are the main features of the generator tool that directly works to improve the gameplay of a player. Otherwise, it is a safe online tool that is completely undetectable by game developers. You therefore do not have to worry about being banned out of the game for using the hack. It goes without saying that the hack tool is available free of charge. You therefore enjoy all the stated benefits without having to use real money.

How to Use Crossfire VIP Hack

This tool is quite easy to use. All you have to do is to download hack tool and run it on your PC. The next step is to select the amount of resource you need and unlock the VIP membership. After pressing the hack button, the resources will be in your account. It is that easy. You can also check for updates in the simple interface of this hack.