Camfrog Pro Serial Codes 2018 (Free Generator)

Camfrog is a video chat client that allows people to chat with one another through video feeds. Camshare Inc created Camfrog and had an initial release in 2003 before a final release in February 2015. It is such that there are video chat rooms both hosted by Camfrog and by the users that log on to the site. The user rooms have different rules than the Camfrog hosted rooms but must still follow the terms of service of Camfrog. Here we will provide some hack codes tool that help you to get paid version for FREE.

It allows users to send files to each other which could either be videos or pictures as long as they do not exceed 100MB; it allows for only those that have attained the age of 16 and above to create a profile picture; it is available on Windows, IOS and Android software. The users can send messages; have one-on-one audio calls and even chat in the chat rooms via text and microphone. More so, it has a plain and intuitive inter-phase as well as being practical.

Benefits if Pro Version of CamFrog:

There are some great features that make Premium version appealing over FREE.  It works on all PCs no matter the configuration of the system and it works across all operating systems. With the Pro version, the following features are available:

  • You can able to send messages to anyone on Camfrog also known as VIP messages
  • You can change your nickname once every three months which even tends to be colored meaning colour can also be modified from time to time
  • There is unlimited number of videos that you can upload.
  • You can also check who are the most popular users on Camfrog and with whom you can chat.
  • It is also possible to join multiple chat rooms at the same time without being disconnected from any fellow that in free version; finally, premium features are available to be unlocked especially on IOS and Android devices.

How to Generator Camfrog Pro Serial Codes for FREE?

However, if you want to get the premium version for a free, then it can be possible by getting the hack app. The app is known as Camfrog bonus code generator, which can be downloaded on your PC. After downloading it, you need to extract the files to a folder on your PC, you then run the hack generator after which you select the version of Camfrog that you want; in this case it is the Pro version which you click on, after clicking on it, just wait for a few minutes and then the codes will be generated. Once the cheat codes are generated, you can then go to the home page of Camfrog on the hack app and click on the Pro version which then asks for code, enter one of the codes and start enjoying the advanced and unique features of the Pro version. The app can be used multiple number of times should it be needed, just repeat the steps as stated above and you are good to go.