Brave Trials Gift Codes Generator 2018 (Gem Hack)

Brave Trials is an action packed role-playing mobile game that is available on both Android and iOS. The main idea of the Brave Trials game is that as a player, you take the Wayfarer role and get to choose from 3 classes: Rogue, Mage and Warrior, each of them having unique weaknesses and strengths. As a Wayfarer, you will be able to enlist a faen, which is a companion pet in the game, to be on your side during combat. With more than 100 faen of different rarities and skills, you have great freedom as a player to compose your team and create the ultimate party for winning combats.

Main features of Brave Trials

  • Wide variety of unique companions. You can collect and train as many as you can.
  • Action RPG combat that is fast paced.
  • Clean and attractive style of art.
  • Many game modes for multiplayer
  • Character and equipment crafting system.

Brave Trials Gem, Gold and Gift Resources

There are various resources in the game which can be quite useful. The most precious are Gems. You can purchase gems with real money to help improve your star level, unlocking purchases and special rewards that only star members can access. Gold is also another useful resource that can be earned through quests and trials, and used for upgrading equipment. Other resources include prestige, soulstones, lodestones, faessence, upgrade stones and Faen/equipment shards.

How to generate Brave Trials Gift Codes for free?

You can get unlimited resources to help you advance in the game, by using Brave Trials Gift Codes Generator or hack. Game winning resources are always extremely difficult to get and most often requires that you use real cash to purchase them. Well, not anymore, at least not for Brave Trials.

Safety of the hack

Safety is always a number one consideration for many, especially when it comes to using hacks. This hack offers no chance of detection to ensure that you cannot get banned from the game and lose all of your achievements. It will simply generate unlimited password and resources in a mode that is absolutely safe, making sure that you don’t have to spend any money.

Brave Trials Gem Hack Features

  • Generates unlimited gems

Get as many gems as you desire, as many times as you wish.

  • Generates unlimited gold

The amount of gold that you can get is unlimited.

  • Virus free

The serial number crack and hack contains no malware or any other form of virus that can harm your device. It is absolutely safe to be used on any compatible device, as many times as you may wish

  • User friendly

The interface of link generator is quite easy to understand and requires no major knowledge to operate. Simply follow the instructions below and everything will work just fine.

How to generate gem and gift codes using hack tool?

  1. Download the hack tool and run it as an administrator.
  2. Choose the type of connection that you prefer, either USB or Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the ‘Detect’ button to detect your device
  4. Enter the amount of resources that you require in figures
  5. Tap the ‘Get it!’ button.
  6. The process usually takes less than two minutes to complete. It will generate unique promo code that you need to enter into your gaming dashboard to get associated resources for FREE.
  7. Finally, restart the game. You will see the resources requested already added and ready to be used in desired way. [ Microsoft Office 2013 Torrent ]

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