Brave Frontier Gem Hack 2018 No Survey and Cheat Codes

Brave Frontier cheat codes and gem hack generator : Brave Frontier is an online Japanese role-playing game that is growing more and more popular as of late. It was first release only in Japan on July 3, 2013. However, by Dec. 13, 2013, the game became available worldwide. In this game, players get to explore Grand Gaia, the world of the Gods, ravaged by war. Gamers can use their powers as Summoner to save this world from darkness and corruption and to stop its further destruction. The object of the game is to clear various stages and levels so that gamers can move on further into the game. Gamers will get to ask for help from various entities. They can summon legendary heroes and beasts to help them complete their quests. They can also team up with friends so that strategies could be formulated and tactics could be devised.

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In the world of Grand Gaia, players get to choose their starter units. They initially have four units to choose from — Vargas (Fire), Selena (Water), Eze (Thunder) and Lance (Earth). When strategizing, it is important to note these important tips — Water is stronger than Fire; Fire is stronger than Earth; Earth is stronger than Thunder; and, Thunder is stronger than Water.

How to hack gems on Brave Frontier using cheats?

A gem is rewarded whenever a player completes a quest. Gems are used to revive one during quests and to refill energy levels to complete quests. They can also be used in summoning Rares — these are legendary heroes who can significantly aid in proceeding to more advanced levels and stages. Gems are valuable assets in the game and must thus be used wisely.

There are other ways to earn gems in Brave Frontier. One way is by logging in on consecutive days. Another is by buying gems with real money. The latter, however, is quite unpopular because there aren’t really too many people who are willing to spend real money for these virtual gems.

Another popular way to acquire more gems is by using cheat codes. I recently stumbled upon some hack codes which may be useful for you. All you have to do is start up a game, then go to “Social.” Click on “Special,” and go to “Get a Metal God.” Simply enter the code, and tap “Gifts.” Then, collect your Metal God and your gems! The following codes may be used — 912437959; 2496396943; and 5767885746.

Online hack tools can also be utilized to earn unlimited gems. Go to, key in your game user ID and your password, then you may be well on your way to enjoying the perks of having an unlimited number of gems to use. You can use cash generator without any limits.

Brave Frontier is a fun and engaging role-playing game which will require you to plan, strategist and think on your toes. It will allow you to play with your friends, formulate tactics and work together toward achieving the same goals. More and more gamers are getting hooked because of its impressive graphics, interesting plot and engaging mechanics. Just a quick peek into the world of Grand Gaia may just get you hooked on it too!