Binweevils Dosh Codes 2018 and Secret Cheats

Binweevils dosh codes and secret cheats generator: Binweevils is the virtual world game for kids that was launched in year 2010 by Bin Weevils Inc. Binweevils began as a short series of cartons that were played on Nicktoons and Nickelodeon then they release various kind of puzzle books for kids. After getting so much popularity they started children social networking site which aimed to reach children aged from 7 to 13.

What are Binweevils Secret Dosh Codes?

It is also known as Mystery codes that give you various nest items, XP and Mulch. Each code is responsible for different effects and Free gifts.There are some codes that will even give you all three! Dosh, Seed and Garden items. We have find dedicated code machine which generate such code for you.

Each Bonus Codes for Seeds and Dosh are issued based on your IP addresses and it is one time usable only. Once they are used, it won’t be available again. Each generate code is valid for a day only, If you won’t use that within a day then it will be automatically expired. You can find such exclusive code from Bin Weevils Magazine, Panini Stickers and other marketing materials. Alternatively, you can use our generator tool to get it for you.

What is Bin Weevils and How to Play that?

The game exists in a virtual world where members meet new friends, find new characters and play various game based on their mood. The name Bin Weevil is the name of actual insect known as boll weevil. This inspect was responsible for devastating the southern United States cotton industry in the early 20th century.

How to use Binweevils Secret Codes?

In order to have secret code you must find secret Machine at Map’s Lap. So first of all click on Map.

  • Then find Lab’s Lab. It is the place which look like pile of books and mostly seen on left hand side of the Map.
  • When you click on that Lap you will start with outside of Lab’s Lab.
  • Under that you can see Mystery Machine on left hand side. It has flashing lights on it.
  • Hit the Machine and you will now see Mystery Code entry screen.
  • Here you will be allowed to enter your secret code that you generated from the tool that we gave you.
  • After entering the code, click on the button and you will see the result on the screen, showing that what you got.
  • There is no limit, so you can enter as many codes as possible. Simply close the result screen and enter new bonus code each time.

To give you idea about how your unique Binweevils cheat codes will look a like, we have given some example dosh codes below.

  • BINTASTIC gives you 5 Dosh.
  • PINKBINK26 – Receive 10 dosh for FREE.

Below are Mulch Code.

  • 63 or 685 – Any of these give 1000 Mulch.
  • 3RED6SCRIBBLES – For 500 Mulch.
  • WEARBACK – Use it to have 750 Mulch.

Below are XP Codes.

  • WELCOME – Gives 100 XP.
  • WITCHAPPLEPIRATE – Enter to have whopping 250 XP.
  • WW3YELLOW- Receive 150 XP point.

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