Aviate Launcher Invite Code 2018 (Free Generator)

Aviate launcher is an Android app launcher just got into the market not so long ago. Being a new one in the market, it brings into play new and amazing features that users would make users enjoy their Android mobile experience. It allows a user to overhaul the look of home screen making it have a personal look. The launcher also adapts to the different times of the day to give you the best experience while using your phone. Some of the benefits of using the Aviate Android Launcher include:

  • Gives you quick access to your Apps
  • Has clean and simple visuals
  • Changes according to the time of the day
  • Has an amazing dark theme for night
  • Free to use.

These are some of the advantage you will get for using this new launcher that is found in app store. However, the version that is currently available is an invite-only version. This means that you have to get an invitation for you to start using the new android launcher. To get the launcher, you will need an Aviate Launcher Invitation Code.

This is a simple hack code that is given to a few of the android users to start using the new Aviate launcher. There is no way you can use this amazing launcher without having the code. There are different ways of getting the code as discussed below here.

How to Generate Aviate Launcher Invite Code

  • Yahoo Code: Yahoo offered to give away 25,000 invites to those who want to use the launcher. All you have to do is to download the free version this app from Google play and type in the cheat code. It is given by Yahoo and it’s ‘YAHOO’. You should try this code before the offer expires.
  • Online Code Generator: Another effective way of getting an invite code is by using the many online sites that give away free codes. Here below are some of the links to the codes that have been used before and found to be working as secret codes for the launcher.
  • http://www.mediafire.com/download/xrala3vg5b6cah4/Aviate%20Invite%20Code%20Generator.exe
  • sociallocker id=”10707″

You can also visit some of the forums that offer free points.

How does it Work?

In the case of that code provided by Yahoo, a simple process will be highlighted here below.

  • Download the Aviate Android Launcher on Google Play
  • Submit your email for the code to be sent to you
  • While installing, enter the code
  • Start using the Launcher.

Therefore, you can use the online hack codes if you do not have an invite from Yahoo.

System Requirements for Using Aviate Launcher Hack Generator

Here below are the system requirements for this latest app launcher.

  • Android Operating System of 2.3.3 and above
  • Less than 10” screen size. Therefore not suitable for big tablets
  • The device must have the ability to change the default launcher
  • Installation of Google Play Services. The services have to be enabled at the time of download and usage.

The above mentioned are the minimum requirements for getting the Aviate App launcher installed in your Android powered device.

If you want to explore the listen space feature on this app launcher, your device must have an OS of 4.0 or 4.3 for Galaxy S series smartphones.

You do not have to pay anything to get the referral code. Use the online code generator to have your code that will get your favorite launcher up and running.