APPNANA Invitation Code 2018 and Hack

APPNANA free Invitation Code and Hack. Appnana is an app that is found on Android and iOS devices which enables an individual to earn credits or points by downloading apps such as games and watching or viewing video ads. These earned credits after getting to a certain level can then be traded for gift cards or paid apps and it is totally legit. Basically, the points accrue to you when download, install and run these applications on your various devices for a certain period of time. The points otherwise known as Nanas can be used to trade for gift cards on Amazon, Google play and iTunes.

Apart from downloading apps to earn nanas, nanas can also be earned through invite codes; it involves writing someone’s invitation request and then you can earn nanas while the person whose bonus code is being copied also earns nanas for free. The beauty about these nanas is that when you as an individual have an invitation code and then you post it on a particular site such that people are able to copy it, as they earn nanas you also earn on each person that copies it. In order to get an Appnana invitation codes, you go to the official website, log in and then click on the invite page or section, you will see your invitation code; if on the other hand, you are interested in writing somebody else’s code, then on the same Appnana site, click on the ‘get nanas’ section and then enter in the code.

App Nana also has a referral program which can be made use of if you have a popular social network feed such as Facebook or twitter, such that as a user, you have an invite code and when this code is made use of by a new Appnana user, you earn money; a lot of people use this to add to their income earning between $250-$350 per day.

With technological advancement taking place every day, it is possible to earn unlimited nanas so that you can use them to redeem gift cards and other prizes through a process known as the hack. The hack is in itself also a form of app which has to be downloaded on your PC which you then connect your device to in order for it to work. The cheat hack can work on all PCs no matter the configuration.

AnnNana Hack to Generate unlimited Invitation Codes

The first step is to download the hack app from the hack sites and then extract the files which are usually in zip form to a folder of your choice and then run the hack as administrator rather than directly. Then next is to enter the e-mail address that was used to register on Appnana initially in full and then click on the connect button; you then have to wait for the app to bring about the hacked Appnana database in order to search for your account and once that is done, it will display a message to that effect. Once this message is seen, you then click on the ‘nanas’ checkbox and then you enter the figure of the amount of nanas that you want but it should be noted that the figure must not exceed 500,000 as this will result in the banning of such an account so caution should be taken to avoid this. After this has been done, click on generate in the app and then wait for it to begin the generation process which only takes few minutes, then when it is complete, it brings another message to confirm that. Sometimes it could happen that the process of generation might take longer just be patient and do not close the application because it will eventually get done. The application can now be closed and you can then log on to Appnana and enjoy the result which is seen in form of higher number of nanas to the one that was there initially.