AppBounty Invite Codes 2018 (Free Hack Generator)

AppBounty hack and free invite codes generator. Using AppBounty is a great way to earn iTunes, Google Play Store and other gift cards for free. When you want to purchase a paid app but don’t want to pay any money for it, you can use a gift card you have earned from it and get your paid app as easily as you get free apps!

What is AppBounty and How Does it Work?

It allows you to earn credits against downloading their free apps – free apps that they feature. For every download, you earn credits and when you have accumulated enough credits, you get a gift card against it. The higher credits you accumulate the more the worth of gift card you get.

What happens is that app developers approach AppBounty to help them in popularizing their newly developed apps. For every single download of their app that AppBounty helps generate, the developers pay a decided amount for it. It transfers part of this amount they receive to the people who download the app in the form of credits, which encourages more and more people to download these apps. It is a workable solution because it creates a win-win scenario in which everyone wins!

It is very easy to operate and one of the simplest app. All you have to do is visit AppBounty from your phone, browse their featured apps and start downloading. As soon as you begin download the apps you start accumulating credits against which you will be issued gift certificates. These gift certificates can be used to purchase paid apps, game gems and other items in games which require payment for purchase.

You can register your email with it to receive notifications concerning the progress of your credits collection. You will also receive a notification when you earn enough credits for a gift card. You can then redeem this gift card, based on its value, to purchase paid apps and other paid items in iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon, etc.


What is AppBounty Invite Codes?

Another simple, easy and effective way for earning points for credits is to send out invitation to other users to use this app. It has an ‘invite’ tab. Open that tab and get your unique premium code which you can send to people you know. You can share this it on social media, via email, SMS and other mediums. When the people whom you have sent the invitation code to, use AppBounty using the code, you will start earning points – 250 per user to be exact. And the more people you convince to use App-Bounty using your beta key code, the more points you earn. It is as simple as that!

The sender of the code gets 250 points per person who starts using App-Bounty using their code. The receiver of the code also gets a beginner’s offer for using the invite code to begin using this app. They get 50 points in their balance when they begin using application through an account activation code.

How to Generator Invitation and Hack

If any of your friends or family is using AppBounty, they can send you an code for free. If they are not, you can use your own hacking skills or ask a hacker to use hacking tools and generate one for free.