Cheat Codes 2018 – Hack Bot No Survey is the massively played online browser based game that is written in Javascript. In order to sustain you have to collect pellet in the map. If you want to grow faster then you have to eat pellets before other players do that. If you don’t do anything and keep away from eating pellet then other bigger player will eat you and get your cells and you will have  to start from scratch.

In order to play and Win Agar io game, you should first learn basic game mods, skin editor and some other stuff. Currently game is available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers. If you are Android or iOS user and want to play game then you can download Mod Apk file or directly play from your Smartphone with the help of UC Browser.

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Features of Bot and Hack Tool

Basically game is on eating cell and pellets and there would be tough competition as it is multi-player game. In order to be ahead of others, you should use the hack script or cheat codes engine. Below are some basic features of bot.

Cross Browser Compatibility: You can use bot generator on any browser, just make sure to login in your game and activate the bot to start using the features.

CLICK HERE to Open the Agar cheat engine right on your browser. It is online tool, so you need to worry about any malware thing. It is browse based hack bot works for almost all the operating OS. No any download or installation needed!

Use browse base add-on to increase your zooming capacity. Now you can zoom 20 times higher than regular zoom feature available in game. With the help of that you can easily find your nearest opponent.

Normally when you eat small pellets your score increase by 1, but once you activate hack your score will be increased by 2 instead of 1.  For example, if you eat 10 cells then your final score would be 10X2=20 instead of 10X1=10.

agar io cheats and free hack codes

Boost your speed to keep yourself away from your enemy. You can select Invisibility mod to disappear from the map. It will hack the game and set your cell’s opacity up to -20 and hence harder for your competitors to find you. Bot is available for both Desktop and Mobile device. You just have to download and activate that to start using all the features given here. Generator tool is bookmark based and that why you need to first connect it with your account. It is 100% working, secure and designated in such a way that you won’t be caught using it.

Top rated Agar io Cheat Codes

If you don’t want to use hack tool then you should hands on Cheats given below. We regularly update our list with recent and working glitches but still suggest you to use hack as it works always for any browse and account.

  • CTRL+W=CHAT – It will randomly disappear some cells around you.
  • I + (-/+ key) – Hold I and press – or + key to be invisible.
  • MadeYouSplit:3 – Lower your chance to be killed or spilt by 50%.
  • “Your MOM” or “YoMomma42” – Enter this code to become largest cell in the game.
  • Hold S and Hit + or – Key to increase or slower your speed.
  • “Anne Frank” or “FuckTurkey” – Use these to increase hostility of EU players by 100% and for  Nazi and Hitler cells by boost it for 50%.
  • Hold Z and Hit + or – Key to zoom-in or zoom-out the map.

Agar io Cheats and Hack Bot Download without Survey

We created hack tool in such a way that we can keep spammer away from our mediafire server. You just have to download the Agar hack and then activate that to start using it. Please Click on download button given above to load the mediafile download page.

If you “Human Verification” message that means your IP address is blocked or reported by others or some bot is trying to download our files from your IP. In such cases you will have to a simple and easy offer or survey to unblock your IP. You need to do that for one time only and then you will able to download Agar hack code file. Please provide your feedback by commenting here.